My take on Android Wear

I was able to acquire an LG Android wear device recently and have used it for about a month, here are my thoughts.

  • I like having a watch, as opposed to not having one
  • The battery life is crap, 1 day
  • Has a proprietary charger, need the stand plus the micro USB cable. One more thing to travel with.
  • Worse then the battery life on the watch is that you need to have BT on and connected constantly from your phone. Kills the battery on my Moto X and makes it unusable if I am on the go all day.
  • There is no killer application to use the watch for. Swiping tinder matches and getting ubers from my watch is not that useful.
  • The watch has no speaker, so no way to actually respond to incoming calls or get verbal user feedback for anything.



Skip it until battery life gets better and there is some app that makes a useful presence on your wrist.

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