The automated beer kegerator – an awesome project

This is a short blurb about my senior design project at CU boulder that was awesome. Unfortunately it got destroyed by whom the design was gifted to. (Robby V.) This is a post to remember its greatness.

What did it do?

So we converted a tradition keg/tap based fridge system into a custom dispensing unit. It did several cool things:

  • Pour the correct amount.
  • Track beer left in keg.
  • Measure and control C02 pressure as well as remaining C02.
  • Measure and set fridge temperature.
  • Track drinks per user via magnetic swiper, saved to a MySQL database.

A short, crappy video of it is here.
A pour test here.
It used a msp430, various opamps, voltage regulators, and zigbee for wireless comms back to the PC.
The GUI was written in Processing, a Java API.

It served its time well, especially with the project I helped consult on, this awesome beer pong table.

Get the drift? We like beer….and electronics.

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