Arduino and Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

I am beginning work on my first Arduino shield. This shield will allow you to connect with an EnOcean radio module.across the EnOcean serial procol v3. It will allow you to program the EnOcean module, or use it as a standalone EnOcean radio platform for powered or energy harvesting applications. This is particularly useful to adapt the batteryless energy harvesting switches EnOcean offers to additional platforms. Think, motor controllers, lighting controllers etc. Hopefully these will be available in Q1 of 2013.


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5 Responses to Arduino and Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

  1. Uli

    That’s sounds very interesting. Did you start the development last year? Have you any further information for me?
    Thank you!

  2. edelmanb

    Hi Uli, not yet, but hopefully soon!


  3. AM keen to know if you have gone through with this project as well ?

  4. Nikolai

    Where you able to do it?

  5. edelmanb

    Hi Nikolai, sadly no as I have been very busy! The code portion is somewhat done but that hardware has not begun….

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