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A nerdy birthday needs a nerdy costume addition

My roommate Chelsea decided to have a nerd themed 21st birthday in Boulder. A fitting choice since I am already almost a nerd….
Anyway, to maximize her nerdy-ness I created her a LCD name tag with a twist.
I combined a zigbee module, 9v battery, and LCD screen  with bobby pins for her to wear like a “hello my name is” tag.

On my wrist I had an arduino, zigbee module, and 9v. I programmed the arduino to intermittently sent info to the name tag. I also added two buttons; One to press for every kiss she got, and the second to press every time she was bought a drink. Each would display some unique text with a updated drink and kiss counter.

After all Boulder is the number one party school! A very easy build with an awesome affect.

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