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How to make a baller presentation, look like a genius, and not use PowerPoint

You have a presentation coming up next week to pitch a new idea to a potential client. You need to look smart, be persuasive, and make sure your clients  don’t fall asleep at the boredom usually incurred via PowerPoint. I feel like Microsoft tried hard to make PowerPoint not generic and boring; I mean you can add animations and sound… regardless I have yet to create a PowerPoint that is really mindbogglingly awesome. So give up, and stop trying.

This golden nugget was shown to me a few years back at a recruiting presentation by Applied Trust, where I think I asked the only question, “What is the name of your presentation software?” “Prezi” was the short answer back.

Ya ok so what. Prezi is awesome for many reasons.

  1. Prezi is free (for most users)
  2. Prezi is cloud based (maybe a killer for those with sensitive data like me :()
  3. Prezi runs via a browser
  4. Prezi is on mobile devices
  5. Prezi looks good
  6. Prezi presentations logically connect data for the audience

All these are pretty obvious, but the last point is the most important. Many presentations I have viewed fail to adequately connect the dots. The motions provided by Prezi presentations do this in a subconscious way by adding perspective in addition to traditional things like text size and bullet-ing. There is a getting started on the Prezi site, but of course it will take some time to learn to Prezi.

Anyway, take a look on their site as well as the Prezi’s below,

“The Maverick Presenter” – This will be you soon

“Top 10 Reasons Java Programs Envy Scala” – Since you probably write code and present code

“My Perspective on Prezi”

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